Meetups and Classes


 You run a Meetup or a class but you would like your content to reach more people. We’re happy to put together custom pricing but here are a few options.


Go big - $800

Up to two hours of filming

Two camera angles + slides

Up to six mics

Up to five speakers and 100 attendees

Live Streaming*


Medium sized - $500

Up to two hours of filming

Two camera angles (one unmanned) + slides

Up to two mics

Up to two speakers and 50 attendees

Live Streaming*


Just getting started - $300

Up to 1.5 hours of filming

One camera angle + slides

Up to two mics

Up to two speakers

Up to 25 attendees

Live Streaming to our Youtube channel*



You help us and we help you

Same as Just getting started

Dazzling Media branding on the video

You assist in promoting the video and our brand on social media

Depends upon availability*

Details On Our Free Offering

We love helping out the community. Limited to the greater Denver/Boulder area. We can only do a couple of these a month. We’ll add some promotional material to the video before both live streaming it and putting it up after post production.

Post Production Time

For the top two options please give us 3 weeks for post processing. For the free option we’ll get it done when we may have to prioritize other jobs first.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is always network dependent and we expect all meetups and classes to provide the network. We will do the best we can however there are a lot of potential challenges to live streaming. This pricing includes one destination. There is a multiple destination option available under the a la cart options. For the first two live streaming options we’ll post the video on on your RMTP channel as long as we get access to it at least 24 hours in advance and are able to test it. For the Just Getting Started and Free options we’ll post the videos on our own Youtube or social media channels of our choice.

A La Cart

  • Additional camera angles - $200/angle

  • More than one live streaming destination - $100/destination

  • Additional mics (up to six total) - $50/mic

  • An MC for the event - $200

  • Dedicated photography - $400

  • Add-on photography (by one of the videographers) $200

  • Two week turnaround time - $200

  • 1 week turnaround time - $400

  • Additional hours, speakers, or audience members - Let’s chat